Cat Coulson

Artwork & Inspirations.


My painting style is loose and impressionistic, built up in layers and stages. I aim to achieve a sense atmosphere and transiency – by leaving parts of the painting less worked up, and by use of considered mark making in focal areas. I am inspired by nature and wilderness, and by the subtle differences across flora and fauna that make up specific ecosystems. My passion for wild places has lead me to begin a nature reserves project, and i enjoy analysing the multitude of factors involved in making one place differ from the next. Painting nature and landscapes provides a never ending challenge as the seasons change, in different weather conditions, light levels, time of day, and it is these subtle changes that interest me. My process usually involves visiting a place, connecting with it, spending time quietly observing it. I try to walk around the space, to absorb its atmosphere as a whole, the large view and sense of shape, sound, colour within. I then look at the blocks within it, and what importance they have – what components the landscape is made up from – what type of habitat, which plants, how open it is – how the sky meets the land or how enclose the vegetation makes you. I focus then on the specific varieties of plant, bird, animal, insect, and the tiny structures, the mosses and lichens and mushrooms and earth. And after that i spend some time absorbing all that within the area. I record thoughts and observations firstly with a camera, to reference what i want to think about and focus on. I then write about my observations in detail which helps to focus on the elements that make up the personality of the place. As i am doing the writing i research the location in greater detail, gathering information about the site and its ecosystem, and add it to the sense of place that i have experienced personally. I then decide which areas i want to incorporate into my paintings and how i can represent their texture, colour and grounding in the landscape. I work mainly with …….. which are …. eco friendly.



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