Cat Coulson

Artwork & Inspirations.

Natural Fibres

The avenue that interests me from an ecological perspective is the use of natural materials. I have a deep passion for nature, wildlife and plants, and i am interested in exploring how this can be represented through artistic expression. Through years of illness, I have been fascinated by the use of herbs and plants for healing and how this ancient practice and knowledge has almost been forgotten. Similarly i am interested in the natural methods of dyeing and colour extraction. I have begun to try eco dyeing and printing and will be experimenting with natural dyeing of wool, felt, yarn and threads.

I want to research and experiment with this further, and build up a personal knowledge of the environment around me. In terms of fibres, i love the subtle variations in colour, texture and fibre length between sheep breeds, and am enjoying using fleece from local and special breeds in small well cared for flocks. I am also studying the effects of felting with plant fibres, such as hemp, flax, linen and bean and will build up a database of garden materials. I am experimenting with the use of natural and foraged objects incorporated into work – wood, nutshells, moss & lichen. I spin my own yarn from natural fibres on a drop spindle, and use natural threads to hand-stitch detail to compliment the slow craft method. I see this as a long term personal development which i can learn and build over the years.

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