Cat Coulson

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I am interested in clay as an extension of the work i do using natural materials. It is an example of another ancient knowledge and craft that has evolved through the repetition and passing down of experience. I can remember the fascination i felt as a child of being taken by a friend to a stream, where we dug up clumps of clay with our hands and squished them into shapes. In the studio I enjoy its tactile nature, the different pressures and marks that can be made depending on its softness and malleability. I visit a pottery each week and i like this slow process of building up a vessel in stages, the scraping, smoothing & firing. My interest in colour is satisfied by experimenting with glazes how they react with each other and on different coloured clays.

I also see working clay as a practice for the hands, particularly work on the wheel, sculpting or coiling requires focus and sensitivity, which builds dexterity in  a different way to painting and fibre work.

Clay blog

Clay gallery



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