Catherine Coulson

Artwork & Inspirations.

Artist Statement

Art for me is a method of working through a concept. The practice itself is a meditation and often a spontaneous outlet for ideas and emotions. The finished piece of work acts as a physical record of this process.

I try to make art significant to my personal beliefs and passions particularly about our connection with the environment, the preservation of unique and pristine habitats, and the inherent beauty and diversity of wilderness. I attempt to explore this through an ecologically informed aesthetic appreciation, to study the components that make up a diverse and rich ecosystem. My aim in sharing art is to encourage inspiration and questioning. Although a lot of our modern concerns are dark and upsetting, i also believe that there is a power and calming influence in natural beauty that if captured and concentrated on, can spur positive change.

I work across a variety of mediums, the coherent factor perhaps being the hands, the flow of energy from mind through touch. I am inspired by work that demonstrates authentic art and craft practices, that which is handmade, considered, slow.

My current work aims to demonstrate thought, care, responsibility and stewardship in both its themes and materials. I see each piece of work as an opportunity to learn about the natural world and its potential uses in art and craft. Where possible i use natural materials sourced locally and those gentler on the environment.