Cat Coulson

Artwork & Inspirations.

Artist Statement

My work involves a number of creative elements including oil paintings which make up the main focus.

I look for ways to perceive and describe atmosphere in nature, and how to represent it as an aesthetic and emotional response.

I am passionate about our connection with the environment; the preservation of unique habitats; the inherent beauty and diversity of wilderness. My work aims to demonstrate thought, responsibility and stewardship in its themes and materials.

I am highly motivated by colour and the relationships that occur when layering pigments. I hope to achieve a sense of transiency, by looser underpainting and considered mark making in focal areas, using paint to suggest light, shade and depth in a spontaneous way.

I work with specialist environmentally and health-conscious modern mediums and oil colours. I am interested in creativity as a response to colour availability and psychology. I am intrigued by expressive and impressionist paintings that reflect mood and feeling, connecting emotionally rather than making an accurate representation.

Regular practice involves spending time outdoors, observing component parts and inhabitants which make up specific ecosystems, and exploring their purpose, uniqueness and subtle differences. I like to document creatively both visually and non-visually to build imagery of these landscapes. For the former i use photography (both artistic and reference) and sketching; and for the latter i write poetry to aid memory and imagination. Back in the studio I continue to study the location, producing material including blog posts for reference; to support research. This preparatory fieldwork is in itself a meditation and the supplementary work in other mediums and finished work act as a physical record of this process.