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Fleece Foraging – Gotland Sheep

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I went to visit Amanda and Barry’s gorgeous flock of pedigree British Gotland sheep today at Pedwardine Gotlands – they were so friendly and loving. They have an idyllic life, grazing on medieval pasture in the countryside hamlet of Burton Pedwardine and showered with love and affection. Such wonderful creatures who adore Amanda – she knows each one by name – it was so sweet to see them close their eyes as they enjoy being stroked!

The sheep had just been sheared so i had the pick of spring fleeces to choose from – the colours are stunning – the fabulous variety of greys are pure Gotland with the lovely brown tinged tips. The white/cream shades are Gotland Teeswater cross and the black shades are Gotland X Shetland. Amanda knows which fleece belongs to which sheep, so it is even possible to choose which sheep you love the fleece of and reserve it!  I picked a good selection of colours and textures to experiment with -very exciting 🙂 – now for the washing

Amanda’s website has some good info on Gotlands, or have a look at her Facebook page Pedwardine Gotlands



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